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The City of Frostburg recognizes the importance of saving and protecting its historic resources.  In 1975 the City Council passed the ordinance which established the Frostburg Historic District Commission to safeguard and preserve the rich heritage of the City by protecting historic properties in the downtown and residential neighborhoods.  The Commission administers the regulations set forth in that ordinance.  A map of the properties within the Historic District is attached.The Commission consists of five members appointed by the Mayor and City Council for three-year terms.  They are appointed on the basis of qualifications in architecture, history, historic preservation, advocacy, etc., according to standards established by State and Federal programs.To preserve the City’s heritage, stabilize and improve property values, and strengthen the local economy, the Historic District Commission seeks to provide assistance in preserving architecturally significant properties and to focus attention on the community’s history. These cultural resources serve as visible reminders of the City’s history and help to maintain and enhance the livability of the community.  Preservation efforts also contribute to the economic development and vitality of Frostburg, fostering a sense of civic pride and an appreciation of the heritage among its citizens.The Commission meets on the second Monday of every month at 6:00 pm in the Frostburg City Hall.   To obtain a Historic District Commission Certificate of Approval for your project, please visit the Permits page https://frostburgcity.synergy.net/en/explore/permits to begin the process.  Completed applications must be submitted two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled meeting date.For questions relating to the district please visit or call City Hall located at 59 E. Main Street. We are available to answer questions or address concerns Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 am  and 4 pm.Historic District Commission Members Dawn Hein, Chair Joseph Hoffman, Vice Chair Robert Rephan William Determan Maureen Brewer Daniel Filer, Alternate


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Supplementary materials

Historic Distric Commission Projects of the Year
Historic District Site Survey
A map of the properties within the Historic District of Frostburg City.
This permit form is used for any application for modifications within the Frostburg Historic District.