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The Public Works Department, the largest department in the City of Frostburg, has 21 full time employees. The PublicWorks Department is comprised of 12 employees in the Street Department, 6 employees in the Water Department, (which includes a Dam Keeper at the Piney Dam Reservoir and Pump Station) and they operate under the supervision of the Public Works Director/City Engineer. The Public Works Director/City Engineer is also assisted at City Hall by a Public Works Program Supervisor and a Public Works Project Construction Inspector.The Public Works Director/City Engineer oversees the operation of the Water Treatment Plant, the Piney Dam reservoir, pump station and watershed,the Savage wells, springs and pump station, and also the hydroelectric plant. The operational services of the Water Treatment Plant are contracted out to the Maryland Environmental Service (MES). The MES reports to the Public Works Department.The Public Works Department is responsible for the operation of City services, which includes garbage collection, street cleaning, snow removal, operation of the sanitary sewer system, which includes 3 sanitary sewer pumping stations, and the operation of the storm water sewer system, which includes all the storm inlets throughout the streets of Frostburg. The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance, repair and replacement of the City’s infrastructure. The infrastructure includes the City’s sanitary and storm sewer system and the City’s raw water transmission and distribution system. It also includes the repair, patching and paving of City roadways. The Public Works Department is also responsible for the management and inspection of the City’s capitalprojects.   The 20 year Combined Sewer Overflow Elimination Project is the largest capital project ever undertaken bythe City of Frostburg. Other capital projects consist of major water system improvements and roadway improvements. The Public Works Department assists the Community Development Department with grant applications and major subdivision reviews. The Public Works Department solicits and reviews bids for major equipment, professional design services, timber sales from the Piney Watershed, and construction projects.


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