In Frostburg, permits are required for most construction projects. The City is committed to a simple and expedited process and friendly service. A visit to the Community Development Department at City Hall or a phone call will help you get the process started. We look forward to helping you with your next project.

Permits are required for the following types of work in the City of Frostburg:

- New Construction (including sheds and garages)

- Major Renovation (structural changes)

- Grading

- Fences

- Signs

- Home Occupations

- Business Occupancy

- Demolition

- Soliciting

- Solar Installation

- Certificate of Approval for work that alters the exterior of a structure in the Historic District

- Burning

All new single and two-family construction in the City of Frostburg is required to be sprinklered in accordance with Maryland Building Performance Standards. The City offers a $500 sprinkler rebate following the issuance of a Use & Occupancy permit for new construction of a single or two-family home.

Burning Permits for the burning of yard material:

First - call the Allegany County Health Department at (301) 759-5039

Second - bring a copy of Health Department Permit to City Hall to be issued a Frostburg Burning Permit.

The City of Frostburg Burning Permit is issued free of charge, but is required so that City Police and the Frostburg Fire Department are notified. Burning permits are not required for small recreational bonfires.

Please stop by City Hall, call, or email for more information regarding the permits required for the work you are planning. We look forward to working with you on your next project.

301-689-6000 ext.110 /

Supporting materials

This application is required to request any exception or variance in regard to compliance of the City's zoning regulations.
This application may be required if construction, repairing, or renovating any primary or accessory structure within City limits. Please contact Code Enforcement (301-689-6000 ext. 110) prior to planning to confirm any permitting requirements.
This permit application is required to keep, house, and/or raise live chickens within City Limits.
This permit application is required for the placement of a dumpster within City limits.
This permit application must be submitted prior to starting any repair, renovation, or alteration to any structure located within the Frostburg Historic District.
This application is required prior demolishing any building or structure within City limits.
This permit is required if digging or trenching within any right-of-way in City limits
This checklist provides guidance for building/construction project information requirements.
This is a listing of permitting and other fees for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.
This application is required prior to erecting or replacing any signs within City limits.