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The Street Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of:1) The City’s streets and alleys,2) Maintenance and repair of the sanitary and storm sewer system, which includes three (3) sanitary sewer pump stations and over 1000 manholes and inlets,3) Garbage collection and yard waste collection, and4) Snow removal, which includes salt and anti-skid application to the City’s streets.The street maintenance and repair includes street paving projects, pothole patching and street sweeping.The Street Department takes care of the maintenance and repair of the City’s sewers, the construction of new sewer taps, cleaning and maintaining the City’s pumping stations, manholes, 26 miles of sewer pipes and roadway storm water inlets.Garbage is collected weekly by the Street Department for approximately 9000 residents. Yard waste is collected from April through November on posted dates.Curbside recycling is available by subscription service through Burgmeier's Hauling. More info regarding curbside recycling can be found at or by calling (800-491-8975).The Street Department cleans the snow and ice from the streets and alleys during the winter months. The Street Department applies an average of 1200 tons of salt per year and 1500 tons of anti-skid (small chips of stone) to the City’s streets during these snow and ice weather events.REPORT A PROBLEM: If the problem presents an immediate safety concern and/or needs immediate attention (eg. water/sewer line break), please call 301-689-3000 or call the numbers below: Natural Gas Leak: 888-460-4332 Electrical Lines: 888-544-4877 Please be ready to give the nearest street address of the problem location! If the problem is not an immediate safety issue or concern, please report it at the following web address or call 301-689-6000 ext 11. Utilities: Water Line Breaks: 301-689-6000 ext 111 Sewer Repairs/Backups: 301-689-6000 ext 111 *For the above problems, please call 301-689-3000 if outside of the hours of Mon - Fri, 8am - 3pm. Street/Sidewalk Repairs & Paving: 301-689-6000 ext 111Street Lights: 301-689-6000 ext 100Street Construction Projects: 240-362-5644Snow Plowing: 301-689-6000 ext 111Garbage Collection: 301-689-6000 ext 111Street Dept. Supervisor: Shane ElliottPhone: 301-689-6111Email: Street Dept. Asst. Supervisor: Tony FrenzelPhone: 301-689-6111Email:


Curbside recycling is available as a subscription service to City residents through Burgmeier's Hauling. For more info visit or call 800-491-8975.

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